Small Garden, Balcony, or Minimal Garden Space

Caddy available at $ Store .

This Caddy with enough room to plant six plants of your choice is a good choice for small gardens, balconies or any place you might have room.   Added bonus is that if you only have a short sun time in one area, you can move the Caddy to catch more light…..or shade which ever is needed.
The potting soil I used is also  from the $Store by Staples in Port and works perfectly for this project…$2.50 per bag.   Caddy $4.00….plus tax.

This shot  gives you a better view of the depth

of the container and that the holes for drainage are already there.   
This Caddy was planted with Mustard Green to be used in combination with different types of lettuce.

 This project I am planting a herb sampler……once again…space saver and when transferred around on to tables the chances of picking up a slug or other bug is minimal.   I added one alpine, rockery plant for hopefully flowers later in the spring.    When making a meal….bring in the whole Caddy and harvest what you need  and set out again.

This is the few Herbs that I will be using….make name tags for each plant incase you add, as I have , a plant that is not to be eaten.    Also the lid they are sitting in is the lid from a damaged
tote… the lids.     The ones with a slightly raised edge are great for  placing plants that require watering from the top or bottom…especially important during transplanting.

The picture above shows the finished product.    Ready for the door next to your kitchen, balcony, or any where that is convenient for your use.
Can you see this with a multitude of different coloured petunias,  floral mix…..use your imagination and let’s see what you come up with.
One thing I should mention….when these herbs mature they can be transplanted out into another area and you can start another crop of young tender shoots.    Happy gardening from your meandering  gardener.  ChrisMotyka.

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