Suggestions for Growing Herbs by Chris Motyka

We would hope by now that most of you inspired gardeners have started to grow herbs in your gardens. They are one of the few plants that most deer leave alone and so it is a good idea for people just starting out to garden to establish a few at least at the start as
an exercise in success. Nothing is worse than planting a lovely garden to wake the next morning and finding everything has been eaten during the night. Herbs can be planted near or around your other crops, but I have found that since most of them come back year after year it is better to establish a separate area for them the thrive.
You could start these from seeds, but if you want a good harvest the first year a visit to your local nursery is a good plan. Plant a few that you use regularly, parsley, oregano,
sage, sorrel, ….you choose. Some herbs, like dill, need only for you to scatter seeds in an area that wont be disturbed. If you have gone to the supermarket lately you will see that it is well worth while to grow your own in many cases. Herbs can be dried easily by hanging them upside down in a warm, dry area until the leaves can be removed.
Other herbs can be frozen, almost all can be dried.

Almost all herbs require heat and sun so take that into consideration when picking your herb garden spot. You at this time can add Lavender for colour, camomile for teas, the list is endless so feel free to tuck in a couple of ordinary flowers for variety and colour. Camomile daisies can be dried for a tea that is tasty and healthy. It also , when cooled , makes a great hair rinse for light coloured hair. For dark hair, rosemary is the best. You will not only be eating better, but smelling better as well. Chris Motyka

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